Immersions by Appointments Only.
Sundays-Thursdays: 7am to 11pm
Fridays: 7am to 2pm
Saturdays: after Shabbat hours available


MACoM is happy to announce we have entered PHASE 3 of Reopening:

  • Everyone is required to wear a mask at MACoM, even if you are vaccinated.

  • MACoM is open for in-person beit din in the boardroom if there is a full consensus from all attendees. This is a small space and we highly recommend all people in attendance have been fully vaccinated. 

  • Guides will be at MACoM again.  

  • MACoM will not limit the number of immersions per day but all immersions will be a minimum of 1-hour apart.

  • All guests have the option of preparing at the mikvah again. 

  • If you  are not vaccinated or are high-risk, please inform us when making an appointment so we can accommodate any special requirements.



Wishing you good health now & always!

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The Podcast from The Temple 

Thank you Rabbis Peter Berg and Loren Filson Lapidus for inviting Jocelyn Schorvitz, Executive Director of MACoM, to talk mikvah on your weekly podcast. 



A mikvah is a special pool of living waters that is used for Jewish ritual immersion, one of the most beautiful mitzvahs. A mikvah must contain a certain minimum quantity of water which has been gathered without being “drawn” by human hands or tools. Mikvah originated from Biblical and Rabbinic sources for ritual purification and transformation. Ritual immersion is a powerful way of connecting to yourself, to Jewish tradition, and to God. As the only inclusive, pluralist mikvah in Atlanta, we welcome you.


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