...I said my blessings and immersed.   And again.  And again.  And in that moment, I felt closer to HaShem than I have ever felt.  There was literally nothing separating me from the water, equal parts vulnerable and protected.  Every brokenness had been left behind.  I felt the little light inside me finally, finally strong again.”
-MACoM Immersion Guest

What is a mikvah?
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​A mikvah is a special pool of living waters that is used for Jewish ritual immersion, one of the most beautiful mitzvahs. A mikvah must contain a certain minimum quantity of water which has been gathered without being “drawn” by human hands or tools. Mikvah originated from Biblical and Rabbinic sources for ritual purification and transformation. Ritual immersion is a powerful way of connecting to yourself, to Jewish tradition, and to God. As the only inclusive, pluralist mikvah in Atlanta, we welcome you.

Why is MACoM Unique?
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​MACoM is the only mikvah in Atlanta open to the entire Jewish community regardless of one's affiliation, observance level, sexual orientation or capacity for physical mobility. The possibilities for traditional and modern immersions are almost limitless. Regardless of whether one is a regular user of the mikvah or has never been before, immersion in the mikvah is a way to acknowledge a life transition in a uniquely Jewish context.

Schedule An Immersion

Immersions by Appointments Only.


7am to 11pm


7am to 2pm


after Shabbat hours 

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Support MACoM

MACoM has been present for over 1800 immersions and we continue to grow.  For every guest and every single immersion, we do not require payment.  While it is customary to give tzedakah (a charitable gift) when using a mikvah,  we welcome everyone to immerse at MACoM, regardless of their ability to give.  We are able to provide this blessing to our community because of the generous support of our donors.